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Puerto Rican Writer and Director. Lover of movies, TV, food, dogs, NE Pats, my wife, and arguing. In a world that tells you “no”, I hope to one day find a way to create a “yes” by motivating myself, writing, and hustling. If I find the ultimate resistance, I will remain a dreamer so I’ll do what those of us do best…



Actor-Writer-Content Creator-Critic-Lover of all things Movies and Entertainment. When they ask you where you heard it from; tell em’ #KOLBYTOLDME



AKA “Shama” Father of two beautiful girls-Tech Geek-Movie lover and critic-Disney fanatic!



Also known as Dre, The Potty Mouthed Princess. I am the MR Producer, keeping these boys in line. I am a professional photographer: “EZER Photo” I love Art, Movies, and my handsome Puerto Rican Raul!


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