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Alex Rider Review | IMDb TV’s Original Double-Oh-Jack Reacher-Esque Y.A. Spy Drama

Serving as this youth’s 007, Alex Rider is an engaging series that takes itself very seriously and has a whole lot of fun doing it!

Otto Farrant in Alex Rider

Alex Rider is a teenager who suspects there is more to his uncle Ian’s death that meets the eye. While looking into it he discovers Ian was an MI6 agent who was getting dangerously close to uncovering something sinister surrounding an extremely private school for troubled youth. Not wanting to let things rest, Alex forces MI6 to use him in infiltrating the school and finding the people responsible for his uncle’s death, but there’s more to this task than meets the eye… and there is more to Alex Rider than even he may be aware of.

IMDb TV dropped this little gem and, as I got ready to watch it, I wondered if this would be a teenage spy show a la Agent Cody Banks minus the Lizzie McGuire, or if it would aim for a more mature audience. I was all too happy to find it firmly planted itself in the latter.

Howard Charles & Otto Farrant in Alex Rider

The show is honestly quite entertaining and has some truly lovable characters and moments throughout. Thankfully, it avoids the absurdity and over-the-top’ness that so many other spy films/shows seem unable to stop themselves from face-planting into and it manages to stay within the realm of possibility… as long as your realm of possibility includes an organization like MI6 recruiting a 16 year old teen who only has two friends in the world, one of which is his way too-cool nanny. My only real issue is that so many questions are left unanswered,– like why he’s so good at stuff spies take years to master– something I am really hoping they rectify in the second season, and yes, I am absolutely looking forward to the second season! 7/10

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By Raul Navedo

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