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The Midnight Sky Review | Clooney’s Best… Direction

The Midnight Sky surprises in the best possible way. More than a drama, this is an experience that truly pays off!

Felicity Jones as Sully and David Oyelowo as Commander Tom Adewole. Cr. Philippe Antonello/NETFLIX ©2020

The year is 2049. Augustine, a sick scientist who has chosen to live his last days alone, is forced to face the frozen elements of Greenland with a stranded little girl to attempt to inform a group of astronauts of the unfortunate mysterious apocalyptic conditions the world currently finds itself in before they come back home.

This was an absolute delight! An incredibly engaging tale that guides you through flashbacks and two different locations in a masterful way. This is not George Clooney’s best performance but it is his best direction yet. He finds a way to walk us through this complex story incredibly well and somehow juggles the screenplay’s structure in such a way that when the twist comes it hits you in all the right places.

THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) Kyle Chandler as Mitchell. Cr. Philippe Antonello/NETFLIX ©2020

Writer Mark L. Smith(The Revenant)adapted this from Lily Brooks-Dalton’s book Good Morning, Midnight. I haven’t read the book but what was adapted is elegant, fierce, adorable, and emotional. There is this sense of understanding the pacing necessary for us to remain engaged but also to have ample time to digest what is happening and completely buy in to the events unraveling on screen.

Great performances all around including from our new young actress Caoilinn Springall who captures our attention from her first frame to her last.

Honestly, the film isn’t perfect, one or two moments don’t feel accurate, like swimming in freezing water and then shaking it as if it were comparable to taking a shower while the water heater’s busted. The problems, however, are few and far between and don’t affect the magnificent narrative Clooney manages to construct and star in.

This is I’ll definitely one I will be revisiting sooner than later.

The Midnight Sky is a Netflix Original streaming now. Also, look at that poster! \/

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By Raul Navedo

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