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Mau Review | SXSW2021

Mau is an inspiring look at one of the most influential and forward thinking designers you’ve, likely, never heard of. An unsung hero in many circles that challenges the status quo and pushes for a better way of life for us individually as well as for the world as a whole.

Meet Bruce Mau. He is the mind behind the branding of dozens of the worlds leading companies as well as a movement that he hopes will reshape how we treat our world as well as ourselves. A graphic designer, a trend setter, and an innovator.

Few times in my life has a film, much less a documentary, made me question my life choices thus far and caused me to reevaluate not only everything I’ve ever done, but everyhing I will do moving forward. It isn’t through religion or politics, nor through justice or activism, but rather through design.

Bruce Mau lives his life on the principle that has shaped his entire career. Design. If you what clients to know what you sell design a logo that tells them just that. If you want a client to BUY what you sell, design a brand that draws them in and holds their attention long enough for your product to stick. Great design brings about great results.

He applies this logic to everything and the results have been momumental. It’s more than a documentary about art. It’s a film about what it takes to find success in a world determined to see you fail.

I know this sounds like it could peddle a message of capitalism and greed but it’s truly the opposite because Bruce Mau’s journey is inextricably tied to solving the world’s climate threat and he inspires us to find something greater than us. Something that needs a fresh design for the betterment of the world.

This is a doc is an absolute must watch.


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By Raul Navedo

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