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The Lost City Review | SXSW2022

In a landscape devoid of original Hollywood blockbusters, The Lost City dashes onto the screen erecting a classic action rom-com that is everything you’d expect plus a hint of meta. A steamy jungle treasure hunt oozing with charisma and movie stardom.

After the loss of her archaeologist husband, Loretta Sage is emotionally and socially withering away. The audience that craves her steamy romance novels, her publicist, and the series cover model aren’t. One Last book tour lands her in the crosshairs of a not-so mustache twirling super rich bad guy who believes Loretta can decipher a dead language that leads to a hidden treasure hinted at in her latest book. 

The Lost City isn’t looking to reinvent the wheel. It’s a meta treasure hunt, movie star vehicle that doesn’t rely on super powers or an associated IP to make you laugh or thrill you. Aaron & Adam Nee have indie film roots that lend to this being a bit more than a conventional blockbuster. Sleek cinematography matched by appropriate action makes for a refreshing homage to films like Romancing The Stone.

It’s a throwback to what makes movies events. Seeing your favorite stars on screen together is like a celebrity all star game at the cinema. Sandra Bullock + Channing Tatum + Daniel Radcliffe + Brad Freakin’ Pitt = CINEMATIC GOLD. It doesn’t take much to make a movie work with this cast. Bullock’s back to the big screen with a comedy that tugs at your heart strings. Tatum rightfully has his shirt off entirely too much while playing a lovable dope we root for. Radcliffe further distances himself from Harry Potter and really goes for it and his commitment to “evil maniacal” is a treat. Brad Pitt, however, steals the show!

Some would say we’ve seen this before and they wouldn’t be far off, but let me tell you…The Lost City is everything you need to find in a theater near you.

By Kolby Mac

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